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Payoff Any Bank Loan or Debt With The New Credit Agreement Security NOTE NOW!

We Offer a Simple Application Process!
Check to see if you qualify in as little as 3 minutes.

Commercial Business Loans

We provide a way to pay off your commercial real estate or business loan in as little as 14 days using the CAP Financial Security Instrument.

Residential Mortgage Real Estate Loans

We provide a way to pay off your residential real estate mortgage loan in as little as 14 days using the CAP Financial Security Instrument.

Credit Card Debt

We provide a way to pay off your credit card debt in as little as 14 days using the CAP Financial Security Instrument.

Auto Loans

We provide a way to pay off your automobile loan in as little as 14 days using the CAP Financial Security Instrument.

Why Choose Us

I have attended many court cases, conducted countless interviews with attorneys, judges, retired judges, bankers, Corporation CEOs, and Presidents in my research of almost 20 years in order to uncover these facts on banking and corporation fraud against the people to help you fight the bank and win any COURT case.

Qualified Expert

Use CAP Financial Security Instrument to pay off debts. The CAP Financial Security Instrument is as a Legal and legally processed Document that allows you to pay off Presumed Bank Loans and Debt in as little as 14 days for just pennies on the dollar…

Proof That This Works!

Here is Evidence of Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC. in WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA Accepted Mortgage payoff CAP Financial Security Instrument. SEE THE VIDEO

Dont Take Our Word For It

Paying of loans is in our DNA! Read all our testimonials about the people and businesses we have helped pay off their debts!

Here’s What My Clients Say About My Services

On 7/1/20 I went to Wells Fargo located in People's Plaza in Newark, Delaware, and presented Wellsfargo Agent Manager my CAP Security Instrument to pay off my mortgage. She read the security documents and agreed and did stamp my security instrument with the green Medallion Stamp and signed it in blue ink. I hesitated until she answered the ringing phone and looked at her computer.

She took my CAP Security out of my hands and said that she could not Medallion Stamp it because it was legal tender and against their policy. Then she wrote Void Void Void over my security instrument Medallion Stamp that she had signed. David Young de God had in his client instructions that I was supposed to take the CAP Security Instrument right after the Medallion Stamp was signed, but I hesitated too long.

She had void my CAP Security Instrument and defaced and destroyed my legal tender payment for my mortgage. So I have to pay David for another State Licensed CAP Security to be re-processed to take to Chase for the Green Medallion Stamp in order to pay off my mortgage. This was a costly HESITATION on my part and not following David's written Client instructions. This is for all you people that intend to use the CAP Security Instrument to pay off your debts in the near future. DO NOT HESITATE! As soon as the bank manager stamps and signs your CAP Security, take it politely and thank her or him and walk out and even if she calls you back, just act like you never heard her. This is the best advice I can give you to get your debts paid off or discharged so you can be debt free.
B.G., California I have been in banking for over 12 years. I purchased your e-booklet and didn’t believe it. Although I haven't purchased your CAP security instrument yet because I have a great paying job high up in a major bank and do not have any major debt. Anyone doubting your legally processed CAP security instrument from the verified copies I read in your Cap security e-booklet must be crazy not to take advantage of this miracle debt payoff solution. Your Credit Agreement Debt Payoff, CAP, security instrument is a valid, well presented, professional, factual, and properly written registered negotiable security instrument and United States legal tender pursuant to Federal Banking Law which overrules State courts or State Court Case Law. With a little research anyone can pay off their bank loan and debt with a public posted note, CAP security instrument from David at, or a properly worded letter. These people who doubt lack the competency to read and comprehend or have not done their due diligence of research. Yes, you can discharge a loan with a legally processed promissory note such as a CAP Security Instrument under the United States Uniform Commercial Code statutes and banking laws that all courts shall legally adhere to if properly processed! People are just so asleep in the Corporate Matrix, being happy to receive government benefits and privileges that they actually pay for through direct and indirect income and State fees and taxes, but people don’t know it because they're afraid to understand that it's better to discharge your debt with the CAP security instrument than to use your sweat equity, labor, property, or working for FRN's which are promissory notes also to pay off or discharge debts. Keep on fighting the good fight David. I find your CAP security instruments are 100% legal and binding when people follow your properly written instructions and I see you guarantee the debt being paid or discharged or you refund their CAP security instrument processing costs when and if they follow your written client instructions that you sent me to review which is very admirable of you and the people can’t lose when they follow your client instruction solution. I know this to be true as a Banker by working in a major bank for almost 13 years. It is always a WIN, WIN, WIN situation for your clients when they follow your instructions. Your legal CAP Security Instrument is paying the bank debt from my validated research, personal knowledge, bank knowledge, and monetary system economics experience and you are freeing people of imaginary debt; otherwise, you would not still have a legal Public Service Enterprise with a State license under Bank and Banking Association rules. Yes, I have checked out the Private Bankers Bank in common law and it is 100% legit by its registration State charter. As I have said here, “Keep on fighting the good fight David and someday more people will see that they can pay off debts with your CAP security instrument and win in any court by following your client instructions.

Thank you again for graciously seeking my advice and allowing me to read, study, inspect, validate as a bonafide valid security instrument money. I approve it with scrutiny and a lot of disbelief as I was very skeptical of the legality of your process at first before I received your client instructions. I love the way you ask judges questions to back them into a proverbial legal corner. Everything in your instructions is right on the money if people will just follow them and take action, they can be debt-free.
2 years as a Major Banker
Most times, you don't even get to know how some negatives get on your report. Is it because I am behind on my mortgage? I have a family of 3 kids and my wife. My family decided to return back home from Houston due to the flood earlier in June. My family live in Houston with a mortgage that I need to pay each month. I live in San Francisco due to my job. I occupy a little space here as I stay alone. Prior to the flood, my family planned to join me over in San Francisco after she sold the house. So I needed a larger space, so i decided to apply for a loan to get the funds for a bigger space. I had 658 on my credit score which made me feel I'd qualify for the loan, only for me to get rejected and realize that I had 3 negatives including a mortgage late payment which I never knew how it happened. This prevented me from getting the loan and it hurt all the plans I had made to get my family over here. I was completely hopeless till I met David Young de God on the internet at

Oh I'm eternally grateful to him for all his help. He's a genius debt payoff expert and he knows different methods for a better credit life to be debt-free. David gives facts and information on YouTube but if you want a quick change he can help raise your credit score by paying off your mortgage debt with a Security instrument. After meeting David, our whole story changed. He helped me pay off the mortgage in just 14 days so my wife and kids could join me which helped me buy another larger home with the improved credit score. David even showed me how to write the Mortgage company to get their negative entry off my credit report. You can SKYPE him with his dayglobal username or send an email asecrettomoney at You can thank me later! James H. California.
James H, California
Mortgage negative cleared from credit reports

Banks That Have Accepted the CAP Financial Security Instrument


A Simple Application Process! Check to see if you qualify in as little as 3 minutes.