CTRN Coins

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Download Android Wallet

Download the Coinomi Android Wallet!

Bitcoin Deposit Address

Bitcoin Deposit Address to Purchase the Texas Republic Nation CTRN Coins! 1HVWAEwEzFe7NGreWbsxPqENuq29wgMkWC

Track CTRN TRNCoins

Track CTRN TRNCoins in therscan.io

Ethereum Deposit Address

Ethereum Deposit Address to Purchase the Texas Republic Nation CTRN Coins. 0xba4A4B23e98668205e5e5246d42dbd8c49A11E48



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How to Start Profiting From CTRN Coins
If this is your first time buying a cryptocurrency, I recommend the following:Congratulations!
now part of the still small and exclusive club of crypto pioneers. And
you’ll be ready to take advantage of the CTRN Coin market when it kicks
off and Start Profiting.

Open an account with an exchange where you can trade your fiat currencies to crypto.

We recommend itBit or Bitstamp.

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Transfer the funds you’ve set aside for crypto to the exchange and buy bitcoin.

Download and install a crypto wallet. Exodus is our favorite.

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Back Up Your Recovery Phrase

Transfer a small amount of bitcoin – the equivalent of a few dollars – to your crypto wallet.

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Get Familiar With The Process

Once you’re familiar with the process and have made sure everything works the way it should, transfer the rest of your funds to your crypto wallet. And then enter the croudsale at the link above and purchase your CTRN Coins.

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