Buying and Trading TRNcoin Cryptocurrency

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TRNcoins: What You Will Need to Buy or Trade Bitcoin or Ethereum for TRNCoins

Purchasing or Trading TRNcoins has been made as easy as possible for you to maximize the profit potential of the CTRNcoins at And because these cryptos are so small and unpredictable, I’ll often recommend a buy-up-to price, so you know not to chase pipe dreams. And let me tell you, the profits from the CTRNcoins, I expect from this situation will be “off the hinges” as do all the CryptoCurrency Experts.
I’ve made the TRNcoins available for immediate purchase or trade at

Track CTRN Coins Here
Bitcoin Deposit address: 1HVWAEwEzFe7NGreWbsxPqENuq29wgMkWC
Ethereum Deposit Address: 0xba4A4B23e98668205e5e5246d42dbd8c49A11E48

Note: Minimum Purchase of 10 coins or more is required for all transactions!

Recieve TEN (10) FREE Texas Republic Nation CTRNcoins for every 10 coins you purchase through Trading Etherum or Bitcoin or any other currency for the CTRNcoins for a limited time only! See the crowdsale.

there are many places to purchase Cryptocurrencies is a great place to start.

You will also need to follow the directions below to get started.

we use why? its so simple to use and its secure! You can get more information here on how to use exodus.

After your purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum, the deposit address for the croudsale for CTRNCoins is here:
Crowdsale contract (All contributions shall be sent to this address)
Click here to Verify on Etherscan

What Is A Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are distributed digital currencies, much like a form of digital cash. They allow for seamless, direct, and extremely fast transactions between parties. You have full control over your payments and balance and can spend and earn with ease and transparency.

Because you have full control over your cryptocurrency, you don’t need to rely on a central authority to validate your transactions, all validation is done by the cryptocurrency network. Today, credit card companies, banks, and others act as the ‘gatekeepers’ to your money. You trust them to protect your information and your money, and in exchange, they manage transactions to ensure that everything is in order.

However, cryptocurrencies don’t require a central authority and instead manages transactions in a distributed fashion. As such, while a bank might have a database that’s an obvious target for hacking for someone to steal your money, cryptocurrencies aren’t susceptible to these attacks. Additionally, cryptocurrencies can process transactions in a matter of seconds or minutes, and not hours or days as it may take to send money today.

Cryptocurrencies, often referred to as coins, are stored in digital ‘wallets’ that you use to manage your payments. Your wallet is protected by a private key – think of it like an extremely complex password – that only you know about. You can spend or send money by submitting a transaction from your wallet to someone else’s.

Like cash, you can spend the money however you want – whether lending to a friend, paying for lunch, or even paying an employee. Unlike cash though, as cryptocurrencies are digital you can pay with a wallet app on your phone, with a special keychain, and in other ways that make cryptocurrency easier to use.

How Do Cryptocurrencies Work?
Cryptocurrencies were developed as an application on top a cryptographic invention known as a blockchain, hence the name cryptocurrency. Blockchain is a technology that will support multiple technologies – cryptocurrency is just one of them. But importantly cryptocurrencies, as we have them today, would not be possible without the blockchain technology. So, what is blockchain?

A block is a complex mathematical problem based on a cryptographic technology (called a “hash”) which computers aim to solve. Once the mathematical problem is solved, the block is ‘complete’. The important property of a block is that if you change any information inside of it – like transaction data – becomes invalid, or broken. The only way to fix it is to replace the incorrect data with the correct, original, data.

When a new block is created, it takes data from the previous block, creating a link – hence the term blockchain. In a blockchain, if any data in any block is altered, the entire blockchain from that point onwards is broken. You can think of it like a tower of wooden blocks, if you break one block in the middle of the tower, all the blocks above it topple over. The only way to ‘fix’ the tower is by correcting the data that was tampered with. In fact, blockchains are often measured in terms of ‘height’ which is the total number of blocks in the tower. So, the older the data is, the more secure it becomes. Generally, a block will be considered ‘valid’ once enough additional blocks are added to the chain in order to ensure security. In cryptocurrencies, the blockchain is used to store an immutable transaction ledger for the currency.

People called miners to solve these mathematical problems. They are responsible for bundling together transactions and then solving the mathematical puzzle. Mining can be very computationally difficult and thus requires powerful computers to solve these puzzles. The computers cost money and importantly require electricity to run. In order to incentivize people to mine, they are given a prize for their work – either in new coins, transaction fees, both, or otherwise.

Part of a miner’s job is also to ensure that transactions are valid. They do this by ensuring that the person attempting to send coins has enough to send – they can examine the existing blockchain to determine a wallet’s balance. Because the blockchain is available for anyone to view, every transaction made by every wallet is visible to all. While this may seem like a privacy concern as someone can track your balance and spending, you can actually have as many wallets as you want, and there are technologies and specific cryptocurrencies that exist to provide complete anonymity while still maintaining the integrity of the blockchain.

Helpful Resources

Check out coinmarketcap for the tabulation of various coins’ market cap and price. Check out cryptowat for the prices of popular coins across different exchanges. Check out the respective coins’ subreddits for available news and market sentiments. Lastly, check out hhypecoaster.

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