CTRN coins Cryptocurrency Of The Future Now On Sale

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Now is your chance to get in on the ground floor of the new Texas republic Nation TRNcoins Crowd Sale while the TRNcoins are only $9.00 each at TRNcoins.com This CrowdSale is going on now, so hurry and get your TRNcoins today.. The New TRNcoins, cryptocurrency is backed by intrinsic valued gold and silver in the physical mines of the Texas Republic Nation and other precious metals and minerals such as oil, but they are not redeemable in gold, silver, or coins.

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Bitcoin Deposit address: 1HVWAEwEzFe7NGreWbsxPqENuq29wgMkWC
Ethereum Deposit Address: 0xba4A4B23e98668205e5e5246d42dbd8c49A11E48

Note: Minimum Purchase of 10 coins or more is required for all transactions!

Recieve TEN (10) FREE Texas Republic Nation CTRNcoins for every 10 coins you purchase through Trading Etherum or Bitcoin or any other currency for the CTRNcoins for a limited time only of 3 months. See the crowdsale.

TRNcoins is a legal and lawful money alternative to the FEDERAL RESERVE BANKING SYSTEM INTERNATIONAL PROMISSORY NOTE DOLLARS, FRNs, CORPORATE MUNICIPAL Commercial Paper Money, Legal Tender, and U.S. Currency of the Corporate District of Columbia Municipality STATE..

Experts say the TRNcoins will rise in value very rapidly.. Thousands of people are mining and buying the TRNcoins at a very low price as I speak and may even surpass Bitcoins in value due to the fact of the backing of the Texas Republic gold and silver mines with other precious metals and minerals such as oil; thus, making more millionaires.. 
TRNcoins are Cyber or Internet coins and can only be spent online with over 60,000 merchants worldwide, just like Bitcoin and they are now presented to the World.. 

Unlike Hackable Bitcoin and Counterfeit U.S. Corporate Government issued Legal, but not lawful, Commercial Paper Military Dollar promissory note money that has NO BACKING, but your credit, debt, labor, spirit, and your belief in the Corporate Government of the UNITED STATES INCORPORATED MUNICIPALITY, the supply of TRNcoins is mathematically limited to Fifty Million TRNcoins and that can never be changed, for use mainly in the Texas Republic Nation by Texians and the world..

This is due to the Texas Republic Nation government runs on Lawful valued Gold and Silver intrinsic valued backed currency the same as our TRNcoins are backed by Gold and Silver mines, other precious metals, minerals, oil, and timber resources.. AND when you purchase the TRNcoins, every transaction is anonymous and only you know that you have made the right choice in obtaining the TRNcoins before they increase in value; therefore, no UNITED STATES IRS corporation income taxes!!

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  1. I did read your info about the sign up.
    I am a resident Alien in Ohio and was not sure if that would disqualify me from becoming a member, or from purchasing coin…

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